Providing world class care for a comprehensive range
of neurological conditions for adults, children,
their caregivers and families in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.


    Brain surgery is most often done for patients with brain tumors. Surgery may be indicated for the more benign brain tumors.
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    Injury to the Spinal Cord can occur due to trauma to any part of the spine from the cranium to the upper lumbar region ...
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    Brain & Spine Care treats patients with all types of brachial plexus and peripheral nerve injuries. He provides the highest ...
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  • Benefits of Spine Surgery

    Have you been advised to Consult a Spine Surgeon for your Back Pain? Have been Advised to undergo a Spine Surgery for Treating your Cause of Pain?Here’s what you must be thinking :Firstly, heari

  • Sciatica Pain

    This Nerve is called the SCIATIC NERVE, which is our body’s LONGEST Nerve & its function is to Control the Movements & the Sensations of our Legs.When this Sciatic Nerve is Irritated or

  • Headache


    TENSION HEADACHE:Tension headaches are the most common. They are from no apparent disease and are triggered by emotional stress. Women are more commonly affected. Persisting tension headaches must be

  • Epilepsy

    Seizures are episodes of disorganized electrical activity in the brain resulting in loss of consciousness and involuntary jerking of limbs with frothing in the mouth, tongue biting and urinary inconti