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'Stroke' is a sudden loss of neurological function.

Stroke is due to disturbance in blood flow to the brain. Atherosclerosis (thickening of the blood vessel wall), long standing hypertension, some heart diseases, high cholesterol, smoking and diabetes are some of the well known predisposing factors. Intracranial bleeding due to various causes can result in stroke. Inflammation of blood vessels in the brain may lead to blockage and stroke.

Stroke may be lethal if massive brain swelling or clot is associated. Some people recover completely, but most are left with residual deficit. If the patient reaches a specialized center within 6 hours of the event, newer medicines that promise complete recovery are available. In any case, especially in people under 60 years of age, every stroke must be investigated and not assumed to be due to diabetes and hypertension. Effective measures must be taken to prevent a recurrence

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