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Seizures are episodes of disorganized electrical activity in the brain resulting in loss of consciousness and involuntary jerking of limbs with frothing in the mouth, tongue biting and urinary incontinence. The so-called 'minor ones' may have just abnormal behavior or sensations with no convulsions or unconsciousness.

The tendency to have recurrent seizures is called epilepsy.

During an attack the patient should be put on his side so that the froth does not go into his lungs. Some hard object in the mouth will prevent tongue biting. Convulsing limbs should not be restrained. Repeated or persistent attacks need hospitalization. Any disturbance in the brain, be it injury, tumor, stroke, infection or even a post operative scar may produce seizure.

In these days of CT & MRI scans, everyone with seizure should be investigated. Effective medications are available. In selected cases where medication does not provide adequate control, surgery may help.